Tuesday, 17 April 2012


In this post, I decided to go with the intention to kill as my theme.
I started off thinking of a way to give it a cool angle. So I decided on making it so the camera is on the main characters legs. I started off with just the outline.
After I made the outline, I started colouring the character, and added some shadows to it.
After the shadow, I added a background to the canvas with a gradient to it. I choose purple because it will complement and give red colour some pop. 
I also added bevel and emboss effect to the character. Instead of having the default black and white, I changed the colour to yellow and orange and changed the mode.
This itself gave a nice effect to the character. After that I created a bad guy in a silhouette form.
And finally, I added a ground for them to stand on so that they are not hovering in mid air.
There you have it, Intention. So here it is the final piece.

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